Poor service of Cirtex corp. and HostV

These web pages are hosted on a VPS node at Cirtex corp. (HostV)

People or bots visiting these sites will have noticed that this site was regularly down - also my e-mail services and the name servers were often down.

Two years ago I purchased the VZ3 plan. For more information see hostv.net/vps-server.shtml

The VZ3 plan is fully managed, meaning that the nodes are fully monitored 7/7 24/24, that daily backups are taken and more.

That is at least what is advertized.

This year the node8, on which my VPS is located crashed numerours times. Each time I noticed it was down I needed to open a ticket myself in order to have someone look at the problem.

The servers was down from July 11th (it can also hav been July 10th) till July 14th 2011. All the time they were trying to restore the server as they had lost some disks. What ? Trying to restore fro 4 or 5 days, this means:

  • There is no 7/7 24/24 monitoring or nobody looks at the alerts.
  • No RAID 5. Failing disk just plug in a new one. Failing disks give alerts first (again not monitored)
  • There were no backups except for the daily backups I made myself on disk. At least there were no external backups.
  • The system was restored in a initial lamp state. All the changes and tunined settings I had made were gone. (Again a proof there were no backups) This is still costing me a lot of time to re-tune the system.

Uptime is nowhere near the near 100% that is claimed - The status indicator on HostV is always green - even if hosts are down (The status indicator had indeed a 100% uptime - it is hardcoded green)

Then HostV sent out the invoice for the renewal when node 8 was down - so I never received a payment advise and they cut the service two weeks later without warning.  The system was down again for a day.

Does HostV bring service for the money - No Way.