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Poor service of Cirtex corp. and HostV

These web pages are hosted on a VPSĀ node at Cirtex corp. (HostV)

People or bots visiting these sites will have noticed that this site was regularly down - also my e-mail services and the name servers were often down.

Two years ago I purchased the VZ3 plan. For more information see

The VZ3 plan is fully managed, meaning that the nodes are fully monitored 7/7 24/24, that daily backups are taken and more.

That is at least what is advertized.

Off-shoring in IT

I saw an interesting interview on Z-tv today about off-shoring of it services. It was not as much the interview per se that was interesting, but the company portrayed, had a large video wall showing their off-shore workers in their office.

Well working ? One employee, prominently visible on the video-wall was bent over a set of listings without nearly moving.

Complicated, complicated, take a nap. Study the listing - take a nap...

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