Shared server views

  • V$SHARED_SERVER: This view returns process name, process address, status and other useful statistics for each shared server process that is currently running as part of the instance.
  • V$DISPATCHER: This view returns information, such as the dispatcher's name, network address, process address, status for each dispatcher process associated with the instance.
  • V$DISPATCHER_RATE: Returns rate statistics for each dispatcher.
  • V$CIRCUIT: Returns a single row for each shared server connection to the instance. A circuit, being a connection through a specific dispatcher and shared server process. This view returns information relating to each shared server circuit to a specific dispatcher, shared serevr process, and session.
  • V$QUEUE: Returns information for each queue in the instance. Each dispatcher will have one response queue associated with it, and there will always be one common request queue for the instance. Thus, the number of rows returned by V$QUEUE will always equal the number of dispatchers plus one.